Saints and Thunder Make a Deal

by Owen Munro


The Jr. A Playing Rights of Reece Hansford

The Jr. A Playing Rights of Aiden Murphy

No. 3 Overall Pick in 2019 BCJALL Draft (Previously from Delta)


The Jr. A Playing Rights of Nick Scott

Future Considerations

The Port Coquitlam Saints new management isn't taking much time remaking their roster ahead of the 2019 BCJALL season. The team has acquired a trio of assets from the Langley Thunder in exchange for veteran defender Nick Scott. Acquiring Hansford and Murphy gives them two high draft picks from the previous two drafts and adding a high selection in this draft will only bolster the team in the future. 

Hansford was the No. 11 overall pick in the 2018 draft and played eight games his rookie season with the big club. Murphy also played eight games and had ten points including eight assists. He also had five goals and 12 points in three games with Jr. B T1 Maple Ridge. 

In Scott, Langley acquires a great defender that will be able to fit in seamlessly to the Thunder's D unit. It may appear to be a high price to pay, but with the amount of draft picks Langley has had the last few seasons, it's a price they could pay. This is one of those trades where both sides benefit.